Hand-drawn and hand-carved linocut prints on Japanese Hosho paper (77gsm) using Cranfield oil-based ink.

Each piece is hand-burnished so small variations in finish may occur, reflecting the hand-printed process and making each one unique. Numbered, titled and signed.

Sold unframed.

A Blooming
Edition of 9
approx. 40x28 cm

Three layer, multiblock print.
I've been reading about the language of hands and gestures in traditional dance forms - this one is in reference to the Apsara dance of Cambodia. it is a narrative spoke through distinct combinations of delicate movements, elaborate costumes and over 1,500 sophisticated hand and finger gestures [kbach]! that speaks of the soul of Cambodian people and it's history. an artistic non-oral language and it's completely beautiful and hypnotic.

this gesture in particular can be interpreted as 'flower in bloom'. with its roots in Buddhist and Hindu mythology some gestures bear resemblance to mudras in classical Indian dance. flora is not my strong suit but that flower is a champei or plumeria flower which is often used to decorate the hair of Apsara dancers.

A Pinky for Your Promise
approx. 40x28cm

small rituals like the pinky promise are so interesting. what makes it so binding? did you ever have a consequence for breaking them?

Before the Shake
approx. 40x28cm

A two-block print based on some of my favourite hand sketches to get me reacquainted with my tools :)

On Ritual and Play
Edition of 10
approx. 40x28cm

A two-block print in midnight purple, born from the same strand of thinking and concept as the knitting hands piece.

;a language embedded in folds and creases - wish me happiness with paper cranes (tsuru), I'll wish you good luck and fortune with a paper dragon (tatsu)

With its roots in rituals and ceremonial rites, the act of paper folding in all its delicacy and precision is quite meditative in execution, much like how lino carving is for me.

Eventually origami grew into an accessible art form on the intersections of craft and play, its tactility grounding, facilitating connection on both a social and neurological level, and which invokes so much heritage and cultural underpinnings.

On Slowness and Co-creation
Edition of 10
approx. 38x28 cm

A two-block print developed from personal reflections on leadership. Here I am trying to celebrate a return to and embodiment of slow forms of art, living and philosphy, traditional craft, co-creation and collaboration, community, and the rejection of the traditional rendering of leadership as imposed, solitary and hierarchical. Created as part of a gift package with other Rising Arts Agency creatives.

Sawsaw Suka
Edition of 18
approx. 36x27 cm

..sawsaw suka
mahuli taya!

Inspired by a childhood game, memories in gestures.

Mano Po
Edition of 18
approx. 38x28 cm

The raising of an elder's hand to one's own forehead is a sign of respect as well as a blessing given/received and is a beautiful tradition in the Philippines.